Political Jokes  
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A Congressman was once asked about his attitude toward whiskey.

He said, "If you mean the demon drink that poisons the mind, pollutes the body, desecrates family life, and inflames sinners, then I'm against it. But if you mean the elixir of Christmas cheer, the shield against winter chill, the taxable potion that puts needed funds into public coffers to comfort little crippled children, then I'm for it. This is my position, and I will not compromise."
At an outdoor press conference, Al Gore was addressing harsh criticism of being "lifeless as a statue."

"That is absurd," Gore stoically stated. "When elected, the people of America will see just how passionate and alive I truly am."

Embarrassed for her husband, Tipper, leaned in to whisper, "Honey, you have a pigeon on your head."


Doctors are working on a new hypo-allergenic, non-carcinogenic material for breast implants, made from vegetable oils.

The Democrats are concerned that the research could be a Republican dirty trick in the next election year. Nothing could be more dangerous to Clinton than a woman with large breasts who smells like a french fry.


Photos showing Monica Lewinsky's progress in her highly publicized diet deal with Jenny Craig shows that their newest spokeswoman is making headway in her battle to lose 100 lbs. In fact, she's lost 30 lbs. already.

I can't wait to hear her new commercial touting her success: "Hi, I'm Monica Lewinsky. Ever since I started on the Jenny Craig Diet, I think twice about everything I put in my mouth..."


The Office of Personnel Management for the federal government today announced the 2000 holiday schedule for federal employees. There will be two less holidays in D.C. next year. Halloween and Thanksgiving have been canceled. The witch is moving to New York. She's taking the turkey with her.


Two political candidates were having a hot debate. Finally, one of them jumped up and yelled at the other, "What about the powerful interest that controls you?"

And the other guy screamed back, "You leave my wife out of this!"


This morning, National Public Radio reported that Monica Lewinsky had been in an accident with her Sport Utility Vehicle. Immediately, four things came to my mind:

1. She must have blown a rod.
2. Obviously, her driving sucks too.
3. It's not the first time she flipped over something with a spare tire.
4. I wonder how badly THIS accident stained her dress?


Bill goes down to visit Chelsea at Stanford and to meet her new boyfriend.

Her boyfriend goes up to Bill and says, "Mr. President it's so great to meet you. You know... you're my idol, my role model."

Bill replies, "Hey man, that's it! I don't want you seeing my daughter anymore!"


The Clinton's are certainly running a rock and roll presidency! It ain't workin', Hillary wants our money for nothin' and Bill wants his chicks for free!


On July 8, 1947, witnesses claim a spaceship with five aliens aboard crashed on a sheep-and-cattle ranch outside Roswell, an incident they say has been covered up by the military.

March 31, 1948, nine months after that day, Al Gore was born. That clears up a lot of things.


Saddam Hussein is wondering why the United Nations won't approve a "no-open-fly zone" around the Oval Office.

They're going to put two new faces on Mt. Rushmore. Bill Clinton's.

What is Monica's favorite Chinese food? Cream of sum young guy.

I understand that president Clinton has started smoking a pipe. When asked if he still smoked cigars, he said, "Cigars are for pussies."

What's Bill Clinton's favorite flower? Tulips.

Have you heard about the new Bill Clinton doll? You pull a little ring and it NEVER tells the same story twice!

President Clinton said Monday he is "looking forward" to being the husband of a senator. The way he figures it, he can finally do to a Senator what they did to him.

NY Democrats are handing out bumper stickers saying "Run, Hillary, Run!" NY Republicans are putting them on their FRONT bumpers.

Crime wouldn't pay if the government ran it.

According to Men's Health magazine, the male lion can have sex as often as 100 times a day. In fact, at 103 times a day, the other animals stop calling him "King of the Jungle" and start calling him "President of the United States."


What's green, has 4 legs, and smells like a woman's butt?  The pool table in the White House.

Did you hear Clinton wants to change the National Anthem? He wants to change it to "Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy!"

What do Jimmy Hoffa and Linda Tripp have in common? Nothing... yet.

Did you hear Clinton's new defense strategy? He's going to hit on Linda Tripp and then plead insanity.


President Clinton went back to Arkansas for his high school reunion, and just like on the old football team, he got into position to take a few snaps... At least that's what he told Hillary... when she caught him hunched over a cheerleader.


What's the difference between Monica Lewinsky and the rest of us?  When we want some dick in the White House, we just vote.

Scenario: International Summit in Paris.Those attending:   Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton & Ernesto Zedillo (Mexican President)


The waiter asked, " Le apperitive?"All of them answered, "Oui!"

The waiter looked at Zedillo, "Le tequila?"Zedillo: "Oui!"

The waiter looked at Yeltsin, "Le vodka?"Yeltsin: "Oui!"
Finally, the waiter looked at Clinton, " Le whisky?"
Clinton: "Don't you dare mention that bitch!"


What do Bill Clinton and the Pharaoh's daughter who discovered baby Moses have in common?
They both washed themselves in de Nile.

How will history remember Bill Clinton?
He was the president after Bush.

Three new bonds are being issued:
Lewinsky bond: Has no maturity
Gore bond: Has no interest
Clinton bond: Has no principle

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Crime Lab 2A-3356N, Wash DC
DNA Test Results: Clinton, William Jefferson

Dear Mr. Starr:
The test on the dress came back inconclusive. Everyone in Arkansas has the same DNA.



Monica walks into her dry cleaning store and tells the guy, "I've got another dress for you to clean."

Slightly hard of hearing, the clerk replies, "Come again?"

"No," says Monica. "Mustard."


The Boston Globe reported today that Monica Lewinsky, depressed after the media comments about her figure, and wanting a new image, reported to a plastic surgeon for removal of her love handles. She emerged two days later with no ears.
This statement was made by Representative Dick Armey when asked whether he would resign if he were in the president's place:

"If I were in the president's place I would not get a chance to resign. I would be lying in a pool of my own blood hearing Mrs. Armey standing over me saying, 'How do I reload this damned thing?'"
The AP reports that close associates of the Clinton's concede that following the president's confession of infidelity, his relationship with Hillary has turned rather "frosty"...

This contrasts with the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky, which never seemed "frosty," but did resemble a slurpee or a big gulp.
An attractive woman was leaving the White House after completing an appointment. She walked the length of the hall to the elevator, where she pressed the button.When the elevator arrived, the doors opened revealing President Clinton standing inside next to the row of floor buttons. He smiled, looked at the woman, and said, "Are you going down?"

The woman replied, " No, I don't work here."
Does Monica Lewinsky have to file an IRS return for her presidential "income"?
If we were playing "Clue" it would be "Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office with the magic flute."
What's the difference between President Clinton and O.J. Simpson?
It only took 12 jerks to get O.J. off.
What do you get when you cross Monica Lewinsky with Ted Kazinksy?
A dynamite blowjob.
What do you call 8 days in a row of office sex?
Hannukah Lewinsky.
In Kennedy's time we had Camelot. In Clinton's we have CAME-A-LOT.

The FBI has coined a technical term for the stains found on Monica's dress: "Presidue."
Did you know that Bill Clinton plans to join Sesame Street after his presidency is over?
He is going to be called The Nookie Monster!
A guy walks into his local bordello and picks out a girl. They go back to her room and start to discuss prices. She says, "It's $100 for a blow job, $200 for straight sex, and $250 for a Monica."

"What's a Monica?" he asks.

"That's where I blow you now and screw you later," she answers.
The FBI will conduct DNA tests on a blue cocktail dress worn by Monica Lewinsky to determine whether it contains semen stains that could corroborate claims by the former intern that she had sexual relations with President Clinton...... Proving that Clinton might be a "trickle down" politician after all...
Ma Bell will now be adding a new tax to Clinton's telephone - a luxury tax!

Little Caeser's is changing their name to "Little Pleasers" and with every pizza ordered you get a big cigar!

Monica is opening a pizza parlor and calling it the Home Of The Pizza Slut!

Clinton's new anti-tobacco message: "Don't put that cigar in your mouth, you don't know where it has been!!"
Do you know what BITCH means?
Bill's In Trouble Call Hillary!
They finally found proper grounds for impeaching President Clinton. They found out the cigar was a Cuban.

Just recently Monica applied to be a Doctor, but she was quickly denied after they found out that she had sucked as an intern!
For those of you who are interested in the REAL reason that Ken Starr and the Republicans are out to get Bill Clinton, it is because:  The Republicans are jealous of the sexual activities of the DEMOCRATS. After all, who ever heard of a GOOD PIECE OF ELEPHANT!
Did you hear that Chelsea is suing Monica?
For swallowing her little brother!
Monica Lewinsky came into Bill Clinton's office. Bill got up and closed the door. He walked over to Monica, dropped his pants, pointed to his pecker and said, "How do you like my clock?"

Monica said, "What are you talking about, that's not a clock?"

Bill answered, "Well then, put two hands and a face on it!"
Reagan, Bush, and Clinton all went on a cruise together. While the ship was out in the sea, it hit an iceberg and started to sink. Quickly, Reagan yelled out, "Women and children first!"

Bush then cried, "Screw the women!"

To which, Clinton responded, "Do you think we have time?"
Bill Clinton is jogging through the park...a hooker says, "Fifty dollars, Mr. President."

Bill says, "Five bucks!"

The hooker says, "Forget it."

Later the same hooker sees Bill walking with Hillary and says, "See what you get for five bucks?"
You heard that Bill Clinton is begging forgiveness of the American People? Well, now he's the one on his knees.
What do Bill Clinton and Mark McGwire have in common?
They're both making front-page news with their whacker.
When Chelsea was in Girl Scouts, it was mom Hillary that helped with selling the cookies. Why not dad?
Because they caught him nibbling on the Brownies!
Bill was recently overheard complimenting Monica's appearance.
"She's got the whitest teeth I've ever cum across!"
What help wanted ad did Monica Lewinsky answer?
Be a White House intern, and get a taste of the Presidency!
How will Clinton build his bridge to the 21st century?
Apparently while part of a federal prison work release program.
What's the difference between Bill Clinton and his dog Buddy?
One tries to hump the leg of every woman in the White House, the other is a chocolate lab.
What did Bill Clinton say after he was asked if Paula Jones was better than Monica Lewinsky?
Close but no cigar!
Clinton testified at the Paula Jones deposition he preferred to engage in sexual activity only on the days that started with
"T": Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow, Thaturday, and Thunday.
What is Bill Clinton's favorite federal program?
Head Start.
Once again Clinton's under attack,
Cause he got another bimbo in the sack.
He said, with a hiss,
"If I'm to get out of this,
I'll have to start a war with Iraq!"
President Clinton was about to go on national TV for a speech. One of his aids rushed up to him and ask,  "Do you know you have a pair of panties tied around your upper arm?"  

The President replied, "Yes, that is my patch. I'm trying to quit!"
Clinton returns from a vacation in Arkansas and walks down the steps off Air Force One with two pigs under his arms. At the bottom of the steps, he says to the honor guardsman, "These are genuine Arkansas Razor-Back Hogs. I got this one for Chelsea and this one for Hillary."

The guardsman replies, "Nice trade, Sir."
Did you hear that Monica got honorable mention in her high school yearbook?
She was voted most likely to succeed.
What is Bill's idea of safe sex?
A locked door.
Clinton still maintains he was not lying...He was standing and she was kneeling.
Did you hear about President Clinton's award nomination?
It's for the 1998 Nobel PIECE Prize!
Why is President Clinton waiting to tell his side of the story?
He wants Marv Albert to do the interview.
The most recent reports of the stain on Monica's dress have been released. This whole thing seems to be a vast right-hand conspiracy!
What did Clinton say when asked if he had used protection?
"Sure, there was a guard standing right outside the door."
Why was Monica Lewinsky in the White House after hours?
Clinton was showing her the proper way to take "dic"tation.
In a surprise interview, Monica was asked about the details of her late night meetings with the President......"I can't remember the details, she said,but I know the answer is on the TIP of MY tongue!"
The White House announced today that from now on Bill Clinton would not be worrying about international affairs. Instead he would focus all his attention to what he is really good at : extra-marital affairs!
Bill and Hillary are at a restaurant. The waiter tells them tonight's specials are chicken almondine and fresh fish. "The chicken sounds good; I'll have that," Hillary says.

The waiter nods. "And the vegetable?" he asks.

"Oh, he'll have the fish," Hillary replies.
Bill Clinton was riding a horse in a parade. When it was over, he commented to Hillary that the horse he was riding must have been quite a stallion. Hillary said that she knew the horse he was riding happened to be a gelding.

Bill said, "I know it was a stallion because I kept hearing people say, 'Look at the dick on that horse!'"
Back before any of us even knew who the Clinton's were, they left a party and got into their car. Hillary slid over close and began to stroke Bill's thigh. After he was aroused, she bent down and performed quite an extraordinary blowjob on him.

Bill, confused, but both pleased and satisfied drove home contentedly.

As they pulled into their driveway, Hillary stroked Bill's thigh again, and got no response at all. "There!" she said. "NOW you may drive the blonde babysitter home."
What's the difference between Bill Clinton and JFK?
One got his head blown off in the back of a limo, the other was assassinated.
Did you hear the Clinton's are relieved they named their dog "Buddy"?
They're glad they don't have to run around the White House yelling "Come Spot!"
What's the best way to circumcise Bill Clinton?
Kick Monica in the jaw.
How are the networks promoting the Clinton Testimony tape?
Lust-See TV!
What is Clinton's best asset?
His lie-ability.
What fraternity did Clinton join at collage?
I Phelta Thi.
What do Monica and Lucille Ball have in common?
Both love a little cuban.
What similarity is there between Monica Lewinsky's groin and Cuba?
They're both excellent tobacco regions.
What did Bill Clinton say to Monica Lewinsky?
Can I be "blunt" with you?
Did you hear about the new soap opera?
Its called As the Cigar Turns.
What is the sub title to the Starr Report?
The President has No Clothes.
Did you hear the latest gossip on Monica Lewinsky?
She came out with a new brand of condoms: President's choice!
A picture is worth a thousand words, a DNA sample only one, Guilty.

By C-R-I-M-E do you mean that C-linton R-eally I-s M-orally E-nept?

Mr. President, I would tell you to stick it in your blow hole, but I am to afraid you just might.

Our president is a weasel, he is a hound. His is like one of the apes in the zoo who always seems to be openly masturbating when you walk by with your kids.
For a man who isn't really sure what are sexual relations, he certainly does a lot of research.

I don't see why people say Starr and Clinton are enemies. They are getting along just like brothers, Cain and Able that is.
Definition of Oral Sex: Talking about it.

I just finished reading the Starr Report. There is nothing better then a Blow by Blow account.

Monica's dress will be known in history as "The spot seen round the world."

Monica gives a whole new definition to hand rolled cigars.

Now we know why Bill Clinton started chewing his cigars instead of smoking them.

Will it be appropriate now to buy your girlfriend a box of cigars for Valentines Day instead of a negligee?

Do they sell cigar condoms?

Who needs a humidor if you have a Monica? Maybe she was showing Bill Clinton a new way to bite the tip off. (Ouch)

Clinton put the moan in testimony.

Monica said she was going to testify truthfully about Bill Clinton. No way will she go down for Bill Clinton...well not again, anyway.

Seems Bubba has violated the eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not put thy rod in thy staff.
What is Clinton's Favorite Garden Tool?
The Blower.
Did you Hear that Clinton won an Oscar?
He won for the most dramatic score...
What do Monica Lewinsky and The Green Bay Packers have in common?
They Both blew the big one!
There's a new Bill Clinton computer coming out soon. It will have a six inch hard drive, but no memory.

What do Monica Lewinsky and a soda machine have in common?
They both have a slot that says "Insert Bill Here."

What California city can't Bill get off his mind lately?
Scent o' Monica.

What did they find in Monica Lewinsky's dress pocket?
A wad of Bill's.

Did you hear Clinton is declaring a new National Bird?
The Spread Eagle.

How many White House Interns does it take to screw in a light bulb?
None, they are to busy screwing the President.

What is Clinton's favorite toy?
An Erector Set.

What is Clinton's favorite card game?

What is Clinton's worst nightmare?
An intern with braces.

How did they finally bust Clinton?
Monica finally coughed up the evidence.

During Nixon's administration we had a crisis involving "Tricky Dicky."   Now we have a crisis involving "Licky Dicky."

What's Slick Willie's new nickname?

What to the Nixon Whitehouse and the Clinton Whitehouse have in common?
Two Dicks out of control.

What is Pres. Clinton's pet name for Hilary?  "My little buttercup."
What is Pres. Clinton's pet name for Monica?  "My little suction cup."

Did you hear that Monica Lewinsky is now working for 7-11?
She's endorsing the "Big Gulp."

Why did Bill go out to sea on an aircraft carrier?
To promote off-shore drilling.

Why is Clinton so interested in events in the Middle East?
He thinks the Gaza Strip is a topless bar.

 Why does Clinton swim naked in the White House pool?
He is trolling for interns.   

What is Clinton's new Secret Service Code Name?       

Why can't they prove anything in the Monica Lewinsky case?
Because she swallowed the evidence.

How did Bill reply regarding questions of "coaching" Monica's testimony?
"It wasn't words that I put in her mouth!"

Bill and Hillary are on a sinking boat.  Who gets saved?
The nation.

What's Bill's fondest wish now?
That someone would wave a hand at him using more than one finger.

Why is Bill Clinton diverting federal funds from improving schools to improving jails?
Because when his term is through, he won't be going to school.

What's yellow, hen-pecked and lays chicks?
Bill Clinton.

How can you tell that the guy who attacked the White house with a plane was insane?
He seems to have thought Clinton would be in his own bedroom at night.

Where did Bill Clinton get his favorite hand gesture? (Index finger wrapped around the thumb when emphasizing a point.)
From pulling down shades in motel rooms.

Why doesn't Hillary smile more often?
Bill isn't doing to her what he's doing to the country.

What do you get when you cross Bill Clinton and James Dean?
A man without a clue.

How is Bill Clinton like an unemployed school teacher?
No class and no principals.

What does Hillary have in common with the city of Buffalo?
They both have Bills that are losers.

How is the Clinton cabinet like a bowl of Granola?
What ain't fruit and nuts is flakes.

The American Indians have nicknamed Bill Clinton as "Walking Eagle" because he is so full of shit that he can't fly.

Clinton is doing the work of 3 men: Larry, Curly, and Moe!

Clinton gives the term "going abroad" a whole new meaning.

It is said that Bill Clinton is considering changing the Democratic Party emblem from a donkey to a condom, because it stands for inflation, protects a bunch of pricks, halts production, and gives a false sense of security while being screwed.

Clinton has designed a new energy efficient car with no seat and no steering wheel, for those of us who have lost our asses and have no where to turn.

What is the difference between George Washington, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton?
Washington couldn't tell a lie, Nixon couldn't tell the truth, and Clinton doesn't know the difference.

What do Monica Lewinsky and Bob Dole have in common?
They were both upset when Bill finished first.

What does Ted Kennedy have that Bill Clinton wished he had?
A dead girlfriend and an ex-wife.

Have you heard about the new presidential limousine?
It's called the Pervertible...the top goes up and the intern goes down.

Why is Clinton's approval rating so high?
Because Monica was taking the pole.

What's the new press name for the latest Presidential scandal?

What position did Monica Lewinsky have at the White House?

What does Monica Lewinsky have on her Resume?
"Sat on the Presidential Staff."

What is the difference between Monica Lewinsky and a Hoover vacuum?
Where the dirt bag attaches.

If Ted Kennedy, Dan Quayle, Bob Packwood and Bill Clinton all had a spelling contest, which one would win?
Dan Quayle.  He's the only one who knows that harass is one word.

Why did Monica Lewinsky accept an offer to work on the White House staff?
She didn't understand what STAFF he really meant.

What's the difference between Bill Clinton and the Titanic?
We know how many went down on the Titanic.

How could President Clinton deny he had sex with Monica Lewinsky?
Clinton claims it wasn't sex because, after all, she didn't swallow.

What's the most popular game at the White House?
Swallow the leader.

If Kenneth Starr can extend his probe, what is wrong with Clinton doing the same?

What do you get when you cross a crooked lawyer with a greedy politician?

What movie does Bill Clinton show to seduce White House interns?
Free Willy.

What's 12 inches long, 3 inches wide and hangs in front of an asshole?
Bill Clintons' tie.

What are the two worst things about Bill Clinton?
His faces.

Why does Hillary Clinton wear high collared blouses?
So you won't see her Adam's apple move when Bill talks.

Wouldn't Monica be great in the "got milk" ads? Can't you just picture her with that little white mustache?

Scientists developed the idea for Viagra after studying President Clinton's DNA.

In a survey of American women, when asked,  "Would you sleep with President Clinton",  86% replied,  "Not again!"

After the Lewinsky story broke, Hillary asked Bill to comfort her with those three little words.  Bill said,  "EATIN' ain't CHEATIN'!"

Clinton, Perot, and Dole were on air force one flying to Washington, when Perot got up and threw a 100 dollar bill out the window. "I just made one person happy."

Not to be out done Dole stood up and threw 2 50 dollar bills out. "I just made two people happy."

To get in the act Clinton threw out 100 1 dollar bills. "I just made 100 people happy."

The pilot over hearing the whole situation said, "If you guys don't shut up, I will throw all of you out and make 300 million people happy."

Hillary walked in on Bill while Monica was between his legs "humming a few bars of Dixie on the bone-a-phone" and Bill said this: "Hillary I know this may appear to be an improper relationship, but not to worry.....I am legally accurate when I say that we are not engaged in a sexual relationship, and besides that; it's Ken Starr's fault that it's even happening.

Hillary much relieved by the explanation later went on TV defending and supporting... should we say "standing by her man."

Monica didn't get paid for working in the White House...she did it for a GAG!

The new favorite dish in the White House is the Clinton stew.
One weenie in hot water.

Clinton has given up the Saxophone...instead he's learning how to play the whore-Monica.

Bill:  "I didn't tell her to lie in the DEPOSITION...I told her to lie in THAT there position!"

Bill Clinton accused Monica of not following the party line...He says she only paid lip service to it.

Clinton hired Johnny Cochran for his defense.  The new line is..."If she spit, you must acquit!"

Mr. Clinton paid an unscheduled visit to a US Women's Luge Team practice, just before the team left for Nagano, Japan, shortly after hearing that they were already lying on their backs.

The Secret Service got a real scare the other day when someone threw a beer at Bill Clinton during his morning jog.  Fortunately, it was a draft, so he was able to dodge it.

Hillary just hired a new White House intern ... LORENNA BOBBIT!

Most people worry about getting AIDS from SEX.
Bill worries about getting SEX from AIDES!

 The president got a dog so that Hillary wouldn't be confused when she walked past the Oval Office and heard,  "Roll over, sit, stay.  Good. Now here's your bone."

Hillary's new book: "It Takes A Village..."         
"...To Satisfy My Husband"

A philandering pres named Bill,
Was married to a lawyer named "Hill."
He played on the side,
And repeatedly lied,
'Cuz his female intern said, "I will!"

Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, and Newt Gingrich were in a car when they got caught in a tornado, and landed in The Land of Oz. When they got there. Bob Dole said he wanted to see the wizard and ask him for some pineapples. Newt Gingrich said when I see the wizard I will ask for a brain. Then Bill Clinton said, "Where's Dorothy?"

The president was awakened late one night by an urgent call from the Pentagon.

"Mr. President," said the four-star general, barely able to contain himself, "There's good news and bad news."

"Oh no," muttered the president. "Well, let me have the bad news first."

"The bad news, sir, is that we've been invaded by creatures from another planet. "

"Geez and the good news?"

"The good news, sir, is that they eat reporters and piss oil."

Monica and Bill are in the oval office.  Bill says, "Hey Monica...let's play 'Hide The Sausage'!"

Monica says, "Why...you always hide it in the same damn place?"

To his credit, Clinton is now defending Monica Lewinsky, saying she was no different from any other White House intern.

He said,  "She takes my pants off one leg at a time, just like everyone else."

Bill and Hillary are at the first baseball game of the season. The umpire walks up to the VIP section and says something.

Suddenly Clinton grabs Hillary by the collar and throws her over the wall onto the field.

The stunned umpired shouts, "No, Mr. President! I said, "Throw the first PITCH!"

One day, Clinton angrily called the White House interior decorator into the Oval Office.

He said,  "Chelsea is very upset because she thinks she has the ugliest room in the entire White House;  I want something done about it immediately!"

"Yes Sir, Mr. President," the interior decorator replies. "I'll take those mirrors out right away!"

Bill Clinton is jogging around and tells a Secret Service man,  "I can't wait to get back to the White House so I can rip Monica's panties off!"

The serviceman replies,  "Aren't you a bit frisky sir?

Bill says,  "Nah..they're just riding up my crack!"

One day, Chelsea Clinton asked her dad,  "Do all fairy tales start with 'Once upon a time'"?

Bill answered,  "No, some start with,  'After I'm elected. . ."

Bill and Hillary Clinton were sleeping one night at the White House. Hillary wakes up and starts shaking Bill to wake him up. "Bill, Bill wake up."

Bill stays sleeping. Hillary continues, "Bill, Bill wake up."

Bill finally wakes up and says, "What do you want?"

Hillary responds, "I have to go use the bathroom."

To which Bill says, "Please tell me you didn't wake me up just to tell me you have to go to the bathroom."

Hillary says, "No, I just wanted to tell you to save my spot."


Question and answer Clinton jokes

Q: How do you break a Bill Clinton supporter's finger?
A: Punch him in the nose.

Q: What does Jeffrey Dahmer's victims and The Clintons' hair styles have in common?
A: They both look like the work of a butcher.

Q: If The Clinton's were younger, do you think they would have known the Clampents?
A: Possibly, Bill might have made Jethro's acquaintance in the 6th grade.

Q: Why doesn't Hillary cut Bill's hair?
A: He won't pay her $300.

Q: What are the two worst things about Bill Clinton?
A: His face.

Q: What is the Arkansas state flower?
A: Gennifer.

Q: Know how to solve the Serbian/Bosnian problem in less than 48 hours?
A: Put Janet Reno in charge.

Q: What's the difference between a Bill Clinton and a carp?
A: One's a scum sucking bottom feeder and the other's a fish.

Q: What's the difference between Hillary Clinton and a pit bull?
A: The pit bull doesn't carry a briefcase.

Q: How does Bill Clinton say "I'm about to hurt you"?
A: "Trust me."

Q: What is the difference between Dan Quayle, Bill Clinton and Jane Fonda?
A: Jane Fonda went to Vietnam.

Q: How can you tell Bill Clinton apart from a cow?
A: By the wise look in the eyes.

Q: How can you tell Bill Clinton from a bunch of dead bodies?
A: He's the stiff one.

Q: How many Bill Clintons does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Two--One to promise he'll do it better than anyone else and one to obscure the issues.

Q: How many Bill Clintons does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None--He'll only promise "change."

Q: How many Bill Clintons does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: He doesn't! He whines a while, says "I feel your pain", and gets congress to pass a billion dollar light security bill, and blames Republicans and special interests for not making lightbulbs free.

Q: Why are people in Arkansas having peanut butter and jelly for Thanksgiving this year?
A: Because they're sending their turkey to the White House!

Q: Why are people in Arkansas having peanut butter and jelly for Thanksgiving this year?
A: Because they can't afford any more pork.

Q: Why are people in Arkansas having peanut butter and jelly for Thanksgiving this year?
A: Reagan ate all the jellybeans.

Q: Why are people in Arkansas having peanut butter and jelly for Thanksgiving this year?
A: They've been having turkey for years.

Q: Why are people in Arkansas having peanut butter and jelly for Thanksgiving this year?
A: Because Clinton "invested" all the turkey.

Q: What were Bill and Chelsea Clinton doing in the voting booth?
A: Bill was giving his daughter a lesson in Civics, how to ruin the people!

Q: What does Teddy Kennedy have that Bill Clinton wishes he did?
A: A dead girlfriend.

Q: What's the difference between Personal Injury lawyers and Congress?
A: No fee--If No Recovery!

Q: How did Bill and Hillary Clinton meet?
A: They were dating the same girl in high school.

Q: How can you tell when Bill Clinton is lying?
A: Only a Bill Clinton supporter is too dumb to know the answer to this one.

Q: How can you tell when Bill Clinton is telling a lie by looking at his face?
A: If his lips are moving, then he's lying.

Q: What do Bill Clinton and a fifteen-watt light bulb have in common?
A: Neither one is very bright.

Q: What does Clinton do to lose weight?
A: Runs away from the draft.

Q: How can you tell when Clinton is ready for battle [in Bosnia]?
A: He's got his jogging suit on.

Q: What's Clinton's favorite baseball team?
A: The Dodgers.

Q: What's Bill's fondest wish now?
A: That someone would wave a hand at him using more than one finger.

Q: What's a Clinton sandwich?
A: Pure bologna piled high and deep.

Q: Why do they always fly around a live turkey in a cage on Air Force 1?
A: For spare parts.

Q: Did you hear that the Clinton's had Air Force 1 remodeled?
A: Now it's got two left wings.

Q: Why is Bill Clinton called "middle of the road Democrat"?
A: Because he's got a wide yellow stripe down the middle of his two-lane back.

Q: Why is Bill Clinton's economic plan called positively atheist?
A: Because it hasn't got a prayer.

Q: If Bill and Hillary jumped together off the Washington monument, who'd land first?
A: Who cares!

Q: How did Bill Clinton get a crick in his neck?
A: Trying to save both faces.

Q: If Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Tipper took a boat ride and the boat capsized, who would be saved?
A: The United States of America!

Q: Why is Bill Clinton diverting federal funds from improving schools to improving jails?
A: Because when his term is through, he won't be going to school.

Q: Why does Chelsea look so stupid and ugly?
A: Heredity.

Q: Why did Bill and Hillary send Chelsea to a private school?
A: If they sent her to a public school, the secret service would be out-gunned!

Q: What do Clinton and JFK have in common?
A: They haven't had any brains for the last thirty years.

Q: What happened when Bill Clinton got a shot of testosterone?
A: He turned into Hillary!

Q: Did you hear Chrysler is introducing a new car to commemorate President Clinton's election?
A: It's gonna be called the Dodge Drafter!

Q: Why does the secret service guard Hillary so closely?
A: Because if something happens to her, Bill becomes President!

Q: How many Clinton administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Two--one to screw the bulb into the water faucet while the other tells us that everything possible is being done to help the situation.

Q: How many republicans does it take to raise your taxes?
A: None. The democrats do that.

Q: How many republicans does it take to disarm the law abiding public so that the government can enforce totalitarianistic and unconstitutional laws?
A: None. The Sociali--Democrats do that.

Q: How many Clinton White House officials does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. They like to keep him in the dark!

Q: Why do liberals travel in threes?
A: One to read, one to write and the other one to keep an eye on both intellectuals.

Q: What kind of neckwear does Hillary Clinton look best in?
A: A noose.

Q: What kind of jewelry does Hillary look best in?
A: Handcuffs.

Q: What Biblical and Renaissance characters does Hillary most resemble?
A: Jezebel and Lucretia Borgia.

Q: What's the best place to photograph Clinton Administration officials?
A: A police lineup.

Q: What's a conservative?
A: A liberal who made it through adolescence.

Q: What is a conservative?
A: A liberal who's been mugged.

Q: What do you get when you cross a crooked lawyer with a crooked politician?
A: Chelsea.

Q: You know what the problem with political jokes is, don't you?
A: They get elected.

Q: What famouse Arkansas State Supreme Court decision is Hilary Clinton famous for?
A: If you divorce your wife in Arkansas, is she still your cousin?

Q: Why is Chelsea Clinton a miracle child?
A: Because lawyers use their personalities for birth control.

Q: Why did Bill Clinton cross the road?
A: To tax the chicken.

Q: Why can't Bill Clinton file a defamation of character suit against his critics?
A: Because Bill Clinton has no character to defame.

Q: If called to testify in a trial how long will it before before Clinton commits perjury?
A: When he's sworn in.

Q: How many helicopters does it take for White House aides to go play a round of golf?
A: Depends on how many were photographed.

Q: Why did Bill Clinton cross the road?
A: To meet the chick.

Q: How are Boris Becker and President Clinton alike?
A: Both aren't as successful when they're not on grass.

Q: Did you hear they put two new faces on Mt. Rushmore?
A: Yeah, they were Bill Clinton.

Q: Did you know that Clinton's cat can play Chess?
A: Inside Information: The cat isn't really all that good at Chess. The last time they played best of five, Clinton won three games to two.

Q: Who would become President of the U.S.A if the President died?
A: Bill Clinton of course!

Q: How does Bill Clinton change a light bulb? A: He doesn't. He whines a while, says "I feel your pain", and gets congress to pass a billion dollar light security bill, and blames republicans and special interests for not making lightbulbs free. Q: What do the Republicans have that Bill Clinton wishes he had?
A: A mandate to govern.

Q: How can you tell that the guy who attacked the White house with a plane was insane? A: He seems to have thought Clinton would be in his own bedroom at night. Q: What did Hillary tell Bill when the Paula Jones story broke?
A: "You idiot! I told you to let Teddy Kennedy drive her home!

Q: What did Boris Yelstin say when asked if meeting Clinton made want to convert Russia to the type of government they have in America?
A: "Never! I'm not going to let my wife run the country!!"

Q: Why doesn't Bill like old houses?
A: He's afraid of the draft.

Q: What's the differents between Bill Clinton and an elephant?
A: About 20 pounds and a jogging suit.

Q: What's the difference between Bill Clinton and David Koresh?
A: Koresh only burned 85 people.

Q: What's the difference between Bill Clinton and David Koresh?
A: Some people still believe in David Koresh.

Q: What's the difference between Bill Clinton and Joseph Stalin?
A: Some of Stalin's subjects admired him.

Q: How many Hillary Clintons does it take to change a light bulb?
A: One--she just holds the bulb and the world revolves around her.

Q: What's the difference between Janet Reno and a school bus driver?
A: The bus driver stops to let the kids out.

Q: How does Bill keep Gennifer Flowers away from the White House?
A: He keeps offering to send Ted Kennedy over to give her a ride.

Q: When will there be a woman in the White House?
A: When Hillary leaves town.

Q: What's the difference between Bill Clinton and a container of yogurt?
A: Yogurt has culture.

Q: What is the best thing that ever came out of Arkansas?
A: Highway 55.

Q: Why does Clinton always have a stupid grin on his face?
A: He is stupid!

Q: Why is Clinton prone to losing his voice?
A: He keeps having to eat his words.

Q: How do you know when a liberal is really dead?
A: His heart stops bleeding.

Q: How does Al Gore spell potato?
A: T-A-T-E-R.

Q: Why is Chelsea growing up a confused child?
A: Because dad can't keep his pants on and mom wants to wear them.

Q: Why were there two presidential limousines in the inaugural parade?
A: The first one held the real president while the second one contained the president's spouse, Bill Clinton.

Q: How has Clinton made his cabinet look more like America?
A: Many of them have sixth grade reading levels.

Q: What is the difference between Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter?
A: Jimmy Carter waited until after the inauguration to break his promises.

Q: How do you spot Al Gore in a room full of secret service agents?
A: He's the stiff one.

Q: What were the three toughest years in Al Gore's life?
A: Grade six.

Q: If Rodham gets health care, Bentsen gets treasury, and Aspin gets defense, what does Gore get?
A: Coffee.

Q: What will Bill's favorite retail outlet be after his economic blueprint takes effect?
A: Everything's $100.

Q: What was the real purpose of Bill's college visit to Moscow?
A: To study economics.

Q: What is Clinton's plan to create thousands of small businesses?
A: Take thousands of big businesses and wait four years.

Q: Why is Bill infuriated with Chelsea's new private school?
A: They broke family tradition by making her wear a uniform.

Q: What's the difference between Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter?
A: It took Bill less than 100 days to botch a military mission.

Q: Why did Bill go out to sea on an aircraft carrier?
A: To promote off-shore drilling.

Q: Why did Clinton choose Canada as the site for his summit with Yeltsin?
A: So he could look up some college buddies who moved up there during the war.

Q: What does Clinton have in common with his Hollywood pals?
A: They all make a living by lying to people.

Q: Why did the Davidians commit suicide?
A: They were trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Q: Why are there more jokes about Waco than Jonestown?
A: The punch lines were too long in Jonestown.

Q: What do a Wendy's Hamburger and the Waco compound have in common?
A: They were both cooked by a guy named "Dave".

Q: What is the only thing worse than an incompetent liberal President?
A: A competent liberal President.

Q: What is the first thing that President Clinton says after waking up?
A: "Good morning, Bill."

Q: What has Clinton done that no one has been able to do in the last 5 years?
A: Unite the Republican Party.

Q: Why did Clinton waffle on military action in Bosnia?
A: His area of expertise is dodging armed conflict.

Q: How many Democrats does it take to destroy a light bulb?
A: None. They only know how to destroy the taxpayers.

Q: When did Clinton's friends become sure that he had political ambitions?
A: When he married outside of his family.

Q: What does Bill Clinton have in common with former great Presidents?
A: Absolutely nothing.

Q: What is the difference between Bill Clinton and Elvis?
A: Elvis was drafted and served proudly in the Army.

Q: Why did the IRS recently audit Bill Clinton?
A: Because he filed as head of the household.

Q: How is Clinton's health care reform a lot like his haircut?
A: It is a lot more expensive than it looks.

Q: What is the difference between a liberal and a puppy?
A: A puppy stops whining after it grows up.

Q: Why were the Clintonites pushing the BTU Tax?
A: Because they could spell it.

Q: What is the basement where White House staffers work called?
A: The whine cellar.

Q: Why aren't Clinton White House staffers given coffee breaks?
A: It takes too long to retrain them.

Q: How can you identify a computer that has been in use at the Clinton White House?
A: There is White-out on the screen.

Q: How can you tell if it was a shared computer used by many staffers?
A: There is writing on the White-out.

Q: What is the difference between an intelligent liberal and Bigfoot?
A: Bigfoot has been spotted.

Q: How is Bill Clinton like a passive-restraint device?
A: He is a bag of air that is not on the driver's side.

Q: How is Bill like a character actor?
A: When he shows character, he's acting.

Q: What is Hillary's favorite holiday?
A: Summer Solstice.

Q: What do you get when you give Bill Clinton a penny for his thoughts?
A: Change.

Q: What do you get when you cross Bill Clinton with a gorilla?
A: Who knows? There is only so much a gorilla can be forced to do.

Q: What is Clinton's favorite war song?
A: "Over Here"

Q: What costume did Bill Clinton wear to a Halloween party that scared everyone to death?
A: He came dressed as a two-term president.

Q: Why is Perot's wife glad he didn't get elected?
A: If he won, they would have to move to a smaller house in a bad neighborhood.

Q: What is the difference between liberalism and socialism?
A: Socialism is dead.

Q: What is the difference between Clinton's health care plan and a kidney stone?
A: A kidney stone is easier to pass.

Q: What is the difference between Hitler and Bill Clinton?
A: Hitler intended to deliver on his speeches.

Q: What is the difference between the U.S. and the former USSR?
A: The U.S. still has a Communist Party in power.

Q: What does Clinton need to stop the white water?
A: A water gate.

Q: Why are they renaming Arkansas Highway 50 the "Bill Clinton Highway?"
A: The road is crooked, slick, and has a yellow stripe down the middle.

Q: What do Hillary Clinton and the Dallas Cowboys have in common?
A: They both dominate Bills.

Q: What is the difference between TV characters Dan and Roseanne Conner and the Clintons?
A: The Conners own their own home.

Q: What is the difference between Whitewater and Watergate?
A: No one died in Watergate.

Q: What is Hillary's new nickname after her latest hairstyle?
A: Oldielocks.

Q: What are the administration's favorite words in foreign policy?
A: We have not ruled out military force.

Q: What would one get with a donation to Rostenkowski's legal fund?
A: A free stamp.

Q: Why are staff cuts so difficult for Clinton?
A: He can't give a woman a pink slip without asking her to try it on first.

Q: Which of the following does not belong: AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes, or Bill Clinton?
A: Gonorrhea--it can be cured.

Q: Why was Roger Clinton's wedding delayed 5 days?
A: The bride's father had to wait 5 days to buy the shotgun.

Q: How are Congressmen and baseball players alike?
A: They are millionaires who work 3 hours a day and left in August not finishing what they had started.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the Atlantic?
A: To attend D-Day celebrations.

Q: What do you get when you cross Bill Clinton and James Dean?
A: A man without a clue.

Q: How did we know long before the Haiti invasion that Clinton was planning to go to war?
A: He visited Oxford.

Q: How is Bill Clinton like an unemployed school teacher?
A: No class and no principals.

Q: What's the difference between Bill Clinton and a pickpocket?
A: A pickpocket snatches watches.

Q: What does Hillary have in common with the city of Buffalo?
A: They both have Bills that are losers.

Q: Why does the Clinton administration want to reinvent government?
A: They are having a lot of trouble dealing with the existing form...democracy.

Q: Who should Clinton have used to overthrow Haiti's military?
A: John Elway.

Q: Why is Clinton so interested in events in the Middle East?
A: He thinks the Gaza Strip is a topless bar.

Q: Why does Hillary think her husband is a model president?
A: Because a model is a small imitation of the real thing.

Q: What does Hillary Clinton have in common with Gerald Ford?
A: They both became president without being elected.

Q: What's the difference between the Waco ATF and Bill Clinton?
A: BIll Clinton burned 260,000,000 people.

Q: What do call someone who sees the glass in front of him half full?
A: An optimist.

Q: Well, then what do you call someone who sees the glass in front of him as half empty?
A: Teddy Kennedy.

Q: What did Teddy Kennedy say when he heard of JFK's assassination?
A: He couldn't have been shot in the temple! We're not Jewish!

Q: Why did Ted Kennedy spend four hours in the voting booth?
A: He thought he was in a confessional.

Q: Why did the Clintons switch from MCI to AT&T?
A: They didn't have enough friends left to make a calling circle.

Q: What's the difference between President Hoover and Clinton?
A: One promised a chicken in every pot and the other was an unpromising chicken who smoked pot.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get away from Bill Clinton.

Q: What's the difference between Clinton and Christopher Reeve?
A: Clinton is dead from the neck up.

Q: Where are the two biggest airbags located?
A: The White House.

Q: Who was the first liberal Democrat?
A: Christopher Columbus. He left not knowing where he was going, got there not knowing where he was, left not knowing where he'd been, and did it all on borrowed money.

Q: Did you hear that someone threw a bottle of beer at Clinton?
A: Yes, but it's ok. It was a Draft and he was able to dodge it.

Q: What's Bill Clinton's least expensive hobby?
A: To sit in the Oval Office and collect dust.

Q: Did you hear that Tyson Foods has genetically engineered a new breed of chicken and named it in honor of Bill Clinton?
A: It's a brainless, spineless, tar-and-feathers yellow chicken.

Q: Why is Bill Clinton the living proof of reincarnation?
A: Because no one could get this stupid in one lifetime.

Q: Do you know why Clinton gave the Federal employees the day off on Wednesday?
A: It was Secretaries' Day and he was too cheap to buy his a present!

Q: What's a word for Clintons '92 campaign
A: A snow job.

Q: What will you get if Clinton's health bill passes?
A: No Job.

Q: How many Democrats does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: It's irrelevant; they still don't know they're in the dark!

Q: What's the best job a dumb blonde ever had?
A: Vice-president of the United States.

Q: Have you heard about the new Bill Clinton doll?
A: You pull a little ring and it never tells the same story twice!

Q: What do Hillary Clinton and Marie Antoinette have in common?
A: Nothing . . . yet.

Q: Why does Hillary Clinton often wear turtle necks when attending Bill's speaking engagements?
A: So you can't see her adam's apple move as he speaks.

Q: What's Clinton doing to make Americans happy?
A: If you've paid your tax bill and have enough money left to feed your family--you're happy.

Clinton one-liners

Clinton and Gore: They have what it takes to take what you've got!

"Carter is no longer the worst U.S. President"

"I am Clinton of Borg. Your incomes will be assimilated."

Thank you, Bill Clinton, for costing me my job. I will repay you in 1996.

Hey Hillary! Shut-up and redecorate!

My other car was cancelled by the Clinton Tax Bill.

It's the spending stupid!

If Clinton was the answer, it must have been a real stupid question!

Clinton in 1996--NOT!!

I'm not Fonda Clinton

Rodhamhood: She steals from everyone to give to the government.

Bill Clinton is living proof why stupid people shouldn't vote.

Voter: "The joke's over, bring back Bush."

Chrysler Corporation is adding a new car to its line to honor Bill Clinton. The Dodge Draft will begin production in Canada this year.

When Clinton was asked what he thought about foreign affairs, he replied, "I don't know. I never had one."

If you came across Bill Clinton struggling in a raging river and you had a choice between rescuing him or getting a Pulitzer prize-winning photograph, what shutter speed would you use?

Chelsea asked her dad, "Do all fairy tales begin with once upon a time...?" Bill Clinton replied, "No. Some begin with 'After I'm elected...'"

President Clinton will be starring in his own TV show next season. It's called "Welcome Back Carter".

Did you hear it took three secret service agents to hold Hillary's hand down during the swearing-in ceremony?

If the Clinton's divorce before 1996, who will get the house?

When Clinton was asked about Roe vs. Wade, he replied "I think the Haitians had better row because it is too far to wade."

Clinton's mother prayed fervently that Bill would grow up and be president. So far, half of her prayer has been answered.

The money clip of the 90's will be a penny stuck in a paper clip.

Bill Clinton's 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not commit thyself!

Bill Clinton has been mistakenly characterized as a "yes man" when he is really a "yes ma'am."

The problem with a government-run trust fund is that there is too little of either.

Clinton should be proud. He has done more in six months than Jimmy Carter in four years.

Isn't putting Bill Clinton in charge of a trust fund as insane as putting in a draft-dodger as Commander in Chief?

Clinton only lacks three things to become one of America's finest leaders: Integrity, vision, and wisdom.

Asked about his views on euthanasia, Clinton replied, "Youth in Asia are just like kids everywhere else."

Diapers and congressmen need to be changed frequently for much the same reason.

Clinton is doing the work of 3 men: Larry, Curly, and Moe.

If 50% of adults are illiterate, how come Bill only got 43% of the vote?

The good news about Clinton's health care is that everyone will be covered. The bad news is that it will be with dirt.

If character is not an issue, why isn't Ted Kennedy president?

Clinton floated a strike on baseball's opening day but most of his pitches are high and to the left.

If Clinton wanted legislation to burn down the Capitol building, Republicans in the Senate would introduce a compromise bill to burn it down over three years.

Food stamps are rationed so what makes you think government-run health care won't be?

No one can call Clinton a cheap taxpayer. Look at how much he is costing the taxpayers.

When Bill's Congress passes a law, it's a joke...but when Hillary tells a joke, it' the law.

Ever since he met JFK, Clinton wanted to be president in the worst possible way...now he's succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

Oxymoron of 1994: Whitewater Development.

Have you heard about the new Bill Clinton doll? You pull the string and it never tells the same story twice!

A George Bush watch has no hands and says "read my lips."
A Ross Perot watch only runs sometimes.
A Clinton watch has two faces and neither one works.

One thing's sure about Clinton--he sure doesn't neglect domestic affairs.

Bob Kerrey, when asked about Bill Clinton dodging the draft: "Do I care if he evaded the draft? Well, a part of me does." [Mr. Kerrey lost a leg in Vietnam]

Bill Clinton. The perfect thing if pro wrestling is too complicated for you.

A 200 dollar hair cut? What kind of example does that set? With hair like Clinton's, two hundred bucks isn't enough to make it look right.

"Death, Taxes, and Democrats will always be with us, at least Death never gets any worse"

Why doesn't Clinton have the courage to call his plan what it really is? "Socialism"

Clinton is not a "tax and spend" Democrat, he is a "contribute and invest" democrat.

On the Apirl 23, 1993 Tonight show, Jay Leno noted in his monologue that Clinton had broken so many promises that he has actually run out of promises to break! So he has asked his aids to bring him a list of all of Reagan's and Bush's promises so he can start working on breaking their promises too!

I've heard of the Clintons being referred to as Billary, combining Bill and Hillary. Well, why not switch it around and say "Hillbilly"... Hey! That fits all too well. And please I mean no offense to the President. Or her husband.

From The Simpsons in April of 1993:
[Bart] Didn't you think there was something wrong when you were getting checks for doing nothing?
[Grandpa] I thought it was because the Democrats were back in power.

Reporter 1: The cult members seem totally brainwashed, and still place their blind faith in a false savior offering hollow promises of salvation!
Reporter 2: And that concludes our report from the Clinton White House.

The two U.S. cities with the highest alcohol consumption are Las Vegas and Washington, DC. The difference between the two is that in Washington the drunks are gambling with our money!

"Change, change, change... That's all we'll have in our pockets if Bill Clinton is elected president." -- George Bush

"Bill's brother who who owns a band, Politics, will be playing at the inauguration if Bill Clinton gets elected. Bill's brother will bring down the house just like Bill Clinton will bring down the country." -- MTV News

Vote Democrat... It's easier than getting a job.

"They are Drawing Up Lists of Tax Increases and Cuts in Entitlement Programs. One Target: Big Corporations"

Which is worse, a Vice-President who can't spell or a President who can't add?

There are too many bills to pay without having to pay the one in Washington.

We were so poor that even Bill Clinton's tax plan would't call us rich.

"When Clinton said he was going to create 8 million new jobs, I didn't think they were all going to be tax collectors." -- Jay Leno

The trouble with political jokes is that the dumbest one of them got elected President.

Election night
Bill: ``Honey, we won!''
Hillary: ``Honestly?!''
Bill: ``Let's not bring that up...''

Clinton is trying to tell us a no-frills medical care plan. Trouble is, medical care is a frill.

Bill: ``Have you heard my last speech?''
Hillary: ``No, I didn't know it was the last one!''

Want to leave the other country absolutely devasted? Ruined? Unable to function for years?
Well, great, bring the troops home and send over some politicians.

One advantage Clinton has over past presidents is that doesn't have to worry about how much time he should spend on his re-election campaign.

Is Whitewater used to wash the Yellow Streak off of Bill Clinton's draft dodging back?

Oxymoron of the century:
Liberal Mastermind . . .
Whitewater Development

Bill Clinton . . . a good reason not to root for anyone playing Arkansas.

I don't trust President Clinton or her husband.

The Clinton Administration: Stupid is as stupid does.

Democrats seem to think they have a monopoly on protest.

Bill Clinton virus - System makes lots of noise, but nothing happens.

[Post 1994 Election aftermath]
I hear that thousands of rafts overflowing with Democrats are washing up on the shores of Cuba.

"Bill and Hillary have provided the special prosecutor with every shred of evidence they have." -- Al Gore

President Bevis, Vice President Butthead
I thought that happened in November of 1992.

There was a line in George's speech where he said I raised taxes one time and I lived to regret it. Bill Clinton did it 132 times and loved every minute.

"When Bill Clinton blows his taxophone, America will be singing the blues." -- George Bush

Clinton: "I will consult both sides of the issue on Free Trade."
Reporter: "Uh, That would be you Governor Clinton!"

After seeing footage from the new movie "The Lion King," I want to dedicate a movie to Bill Clinton. I'd like to call it "The Lion President."