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Lenny's favorite 100 oldies   (right click to download)

Arabians - My Heart Beats Over And Over Again .mp3
Arrogants - Life Is But A Dream (A Capella).mp3
Avons - Baby.mp3
Blenders - Darleen.mp3
Blossoms - Write Me A Letter.mp3
Blue Notes - I Love An Angel.mp3
Bobbettes - You Are My Sweetheart.mp3
Buddy Holly & Crickets - Oh, Donna.mp3
Cadillacs - Our Love Is So Blind.mp3
Cadillacs - You Are.mp3
Cameos - I Remember When.mp3
Cameos - Lost Lover.mp3
Capris (Girl Group) - God Only Knows.mp3
Casanovas - Please Be Mine.mp3
Cascades - Shy Girl.mp3
Chantels - Every Night (I Pray).mp3
Chantels - Maybe.mp3
Chantels - My Memories Of You.mp3
Chantels - Prayee.mp3
Chantels - So Real.mp3
Chantels - Summer's Love (w Richard Barrett).mp3
Chantels - Sure Of Love.mp3
Chestnuts - This Is My Love.mp3
Chimes - My Broken Heart.mp3
Chordettes - Eddie My Love.mp3
Cleftones - Please Say You Want Me.mp3
Cliques - Girl Of My Dreams (w Jesse Belvin).mp3
Crests (w Johnny Maestro) - What A Suprise.mp3
Crew Cuts - Young Love .mp3
Dreamlovers - When We Get Married.mp3
Dubs - Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely.mp3
Dubs - Your Very First Love.mp3
Falcons - Since You've Been Gone.mp3
Five Discs - When I Found You (A Capella).mp3
Five Keys - Mistakes.mp3
Five Satins - To The Aisle.mp3
Frankie Lymon & Teenagers - Am I Fooling Myself Again.mp3
Frankie Lymon & Teenagers - I'm Not A Know It All.mp3
Harptones - One In A Million.mp3
Heartbeats - A Thousand Miles Away.mp3
Hollywood Flames - Devil Or Angel.mp3
Jacks - Why Don't You Write Me.mp3
Jaguars - The Way You Look Tonight.mp3
Jesters - Now That You're Gone.mp3
Jive Five - Hurry Back.mp3
Jive Five - The Time (w Baby Washington).mp3
Jive Five - These Golden Rings.mp3
Jive Five - This I Swear.mp3
Jive Five - Yes Sir, She's My Baby.mp3
Johnny & Joe - Over The Mountain.mp3
Johnny Ace - Cross My Heart.mp3
Johnny Ace - Never Let Me Go.mp3
Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love.mp3
Johnny Ace - Saving My Love For You.mp3
Johnny Ace - The Clock.mp3
June Christy - It Never Entered My Mind.mp3
Marcels - Close Your Eyes.mp3
Medallions - The Letter.mp3
Mellows - So Strange.mp3
Moonglows - Foolish Me.mp3
Moonglows - I'll Stop Wanting You (w Harvey Fuqua).mp3
Moonglows - Lonely Christmas (w Bobby Lester).mp3
Moonglows - Sincerely (w Harvey Fuqua).mp3
Moonglows - Sweeter Than Words.mp3
Moonglows - Ten Commandments Of Love.mp3
Moonglows - When I'm With You (w Harvey Fuqua).mp3
Nutmegs - Story Untold.mp3
Oldies- 50's- Teen Angel.mp3
One in a Million.mp3
Only You (And You Alone).mp3
Opals - My Heart's Desire.mp3
Orioles - Crying In The Chapel (w Sonny Till).mp3
Orioles - I'm Just A Fool In Love (w Sonny Till).mp3
Orioles - It's Too Soon To Know.mp3
Penguins - Earth Angel.mp3
Penguins - Memories Of El Monte.mp3
Persuasions - A Thousand Miles Away.mp3
Platters (w Tony Williams) - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.mp3
Platters (w Tony Williams) - The Great Pretener.mp3
Players - He'll Be Back.mp3
Quin-Tones - Oh Heavenly Father.mp3
Richie Valens - Oh, Donna.mp3
Ricky Nelson - Where Oh Where Can My Baby Be.mp3
Rochelle & Candles - Once Upon A Time.mp3
Roomates - Glory Of Love.mp3
Rosie & Originals - Angel Baby.mp3
Rosie & Originals - Lonely Blue Nights.mp3
Rosie & Originals - No Other Love Will Ever Do.mp3
Schoolboys - Please Say You Want Me.mp3
Shep & Limelites - Daddy's Home.mp3
Shep & Limelites - Our Anniversary.mp3
Sheppards - Island Of Love.mp3
Shirelles - Soldier Boy.mp3
Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.mp3
Skip & Flip - Cherry Pie.mp3
Skyliners - A Million To One.mp3
Skyliners - Close Your Eyes.mp3
Sonny Knight - Confidential.mp3
Spaniels (w Pookie Hudson) - Goodnight, Sweetheart.mp3
Spaniels (w Pookie Hudson) - You Painted The Pictures.mp3
Spaniels Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (A Capella).mp3